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Reflecting their level of responsibility, CRNAs are one of the best paid nursing specialties.

According to a Merritt Hawkins & Associates study from 2009 the average salary for CRNAs was $189,000. Although in 2005 the average annual CRNA salary was reported as $160,000, although starting salaries tend to be closer to $110,000-$130,000.

Additionally, opportunities to work as an independent contractor or even start a business of providing CRNA staffing could open up the possibility of increased salary.

Nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) are utilized in a variety of settings in and outside of hospitals. A CRNA's role includes taking care of a patient's anesthesia needs before, during and after surgery or throughout the process of delivering a baby. CRNA's see and assess their patients preoperatively, answering any questions that the patient or their family may have regarding their upcoming anesthetic. They prepare the area of anesthetic delivery to ensure patient safety. CRNA's then, administer, maintain and recover their patients from anesthesia. Finally, they follow the patient's postoperative course in order to ensure quality of care.

source: information retrieved Jan 25th, 2009 from AANA and March 11, 2010 from Merritt Hawkins & Associates study

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